RezChat 1.0

Reza Naghibi

RezChat 1.0 is a simple Java chat kernel. RezChat uses AJAX push
technology to deliver a rich chat experience. All you need to do is
point your favorite browser to the RezChat server.

Running RezChat

To run RezChat, download the source code.
Using a Java 1.5 compatible compiler, compile RezChat:
After compiling, simply run RezChat:
java RezChat
RezChat is now up and running. The port RezChat is running on
is located in the source code. Fire up your favorite AJAX supported
browser and your ready to chat.

RezChat Notes

RezChat is a simple yet rich chat server. It supports password protection and SSL
encrypted chat (please reference source code). It also supports chat extensions
to deliver extra chat features not supported by the kernel. RezChat runs
as a Windows service or as a Linux background process.

The RezChat source code must be present to the RezChat kernel in order to
function properly. The RezChat kernel dynamically loads HTML, Javascript, and
CSS from the source and delivers it to the user.

RezChat running on as a Windows 2000 service.